ProGuard Canada

$35 Billion Apparel Manufacturer

This multi-billion dollar athletic apparel manufacturer is located in the Northern skirts of Oregon. The apparel manufacturer is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. Although the Company is based here in America, they have a multinational presence that is engaged in design, development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing and sales in a broad range of athletic products.

The Company’s headquarters is over 3.2 million square feet and is LEED Platinum Certified, and is highlighted with natural daylight and a gray water treatment center.


Over time (nearly two decades), the exterior glass at this $35 billion manufacturing apparel company became extremely damaged due to concrete leaching, acid rain and other environmental pollutants.

After several attempts to rectify the problem, DFI was hired to restore and apply Diamon-Fusion protective coating to the damaged glass, in lieu of an extremely costly replacement. Diamon-Fusion’s patented technology chemically bonds to the surface of the glass, creating a high-performing protective barrier that protects against water stains, etching and exposure from other environmental contaminants.

The glass was successfully restored to like-new appearance and protected to retain better durability and resilience. In fact, the restored and treated glass looked so good the client contracted DFI to perform restoration services on several other buildings throughout the campus, as well as an off-site jet hangar.

To date, Diamon-Fusion has been applied to more than 80,000 square feet of glass on the campus.

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