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ProGuard Canada is your on-site application of Diamon-Fusion® coatings for residential applications across Ontario.  Our service applications include glass showers new and old, glass railings, mirrors, counters and windows. Pricing is based on the square footage of the surface and if restoration is required with a starting cost of $9.00/sqft. Please call, text or email us for a free estimate!  

Diamon-Fusion® protective glass coating for shower doors is the industry-leading choice for homeowners, hotel owners, and glass professionals, having been applied to over ten (10) million shower doors worldwide. Similar to how a non-stick cooking pan works, surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® become easier to clean and require less maintenance. Use the slider below to see how Diamon-Fusion® easily repels water (from laying flat to beading up).

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WHY CHOOSE DIAMON-FUSION? By filling in the peaks and valleys of the shower glass – water, soap scum and contaminants are easily washed off the glass, cutting cleaning time up to 90%.

HOW DIAMON-FUSION® WORKS? Where stains and corrosion may damage shower glass, Diamon-Fusion creates a high-performing protective barrier, making the glass more durable.

NO CHEMICAL CLEANERS – Shower glass treated with Diamon-Fusion eliminates the need for any harsh chemical cleaners, as the glass can easily be cleaned with water and a simple wipe down.

REPELS WATER AND SOAP SCUM – Cleaning and caring for shower glass is easy with Diamon-Fusion. Similar to a non-stick cooking pan, shower glass treated with the protective coating forms an ultra-thin, protective barrier that repels both water and oil-based contaminants from sticking to the glass, reducing cleaning time and the frequency of cleanings.

UNMATCHED LIFETIME WARRANTY – Diamon-Fusion is a superior low-maintenance, easy-to-clean coating backed by an unprecedented lifetime warranty for residential shower glass, as long as the basic manufacturer care recommendations are followed. The glass coating is also guaranteed to never chip, crack, peel, yellow or haze for the life of the glass.


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