ProGuard Canada

Leading US Chemical Tank Car Mfg

  • Reduce Material Cost
  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Reduce Energy Cost
  • Extend In-Service Life
  • Reduce VOC
  • Improve UV Resistance

Nano-Clear for Industrial Applications was chosen to replace epoxy 2K black. NanoClear 1K restores oxidized paint, enhances underlying black color, dramatically improves surface hardness and prevent further UV degradation of underlying paints.

  • Material Savings – 5 gal of Nano-Clear vs. 30 gal of Epoxy
  • Energy Savings – No Heat Required to Cure
  • Environmental – Lower VOC per Facility
  • Higher Production Throughput with Nano-Clear
  • 2X Extended Service Life of Tank Car
  • Savings – $625 per Tank Car using Nano-Clear

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