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Grease Gorilla

Grease Gorilla™️ is exceptional in its ability to remove grease, oil and grime from heavy duty machinery, commercial & industrial cooking equipment, ventilation & exhaust systems, machinery & machined parts, concrete & masonry surfaces, tiles, and much more. It also has antibiofilm properties for the reduction and elimination of biofilm…

Concrete Carnivore

Concrete Carnivore is an Eco-Innovative, efflorescence, scale and concrete trace remover that is safe for users, substrates, and the environment. Concrete Carnivore is classified as non-hazardous, contains no harsh acids or caustics and is biodegradable.


Bio-Blast is an Eco-Innovative, bio-organic cleaner that is safe for its users, substrates, and the environment. It is classified as non-hazardous and pH neutral; and it contains no Methylene chloride, salts, caustics, or toxic or harmful chemicals. Also, it is fully biodegradable.

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