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The Grand Mercure Lampung

The Grand Mercure Lampung, located in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia features 36 stories, eight (8) mezzanines, and is currently the tallest building in the Lampung region. It is also the latest hotel in the region to feature Diamon-Fusion® protective coating on the exterior glass façade – roughly 25,875 sq. m. (278,516 sq. ft.).

The Diamon-Fusion® coating was applied on-site by our partner, Diamon-Fusion Asia, providing long-term protection and a cost-effective solution for preserving the glass appearance. As a hydrophobic coating, Diamon-Fusion® will also help protect the exterior glass façade from hard water stains, environmental pollutants, concrete leaching, and much more.

Building owners and architects trust Diamon-Fusion® to keep their glass looking clean. To learn more about how a low-maintenance coating can benefit your building glass, reach out to us today.

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