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Private Home | Grogol, Jakarta

Grogol is an urban village in the Grogol Petamburan subdistrict of West Jakarta, Indonesia. The village is bounded by the West Flood Canal to the east, Jakarta Inner Ring Road to the west, and Jalan Kyai Tapa to the south. It was among the first Jakarta’s planned suburb established during the 1960s. The brand new home was designed by a well-known architect with over 6,000 square feet of glass walls.


With such a large amount of newly installed glass and subsequent light that would pass through the skylights, the homeowner requested for a simple way to care for all their glass, while ensuring that they could enjoy the beautiful reflections created on the many glass surfaces.

After researching the market, the main contractor of the home was told about glass protective coatings from the glass installer, who had previously used Aegis International Indonesia for another housing project. With the homeowner’s approval, Aegis’s premium nano coating (a Diamon-Fusion system) was chosen to protect the glass from staining and corrosion, as well as providing an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance solution.

The homeowner accepted the project and requested that 6,000 square feet of glass be treated with DFI’s protective coating. With an unprecedented warranty in place and more brilliant glass, the homeowner was given peace of mind and extremely happy with the results, respectively.

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