Nano-Clear Industrial Coating (NCI) is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance, restore, and extend the service life of freshly coated and oxidized painted surfaces by 10 years. Nano-Clear will also dramatically improve corrosion, scratch, abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance. Engineered using nano-structuring, Nano-Clear has the ability to penetrate deep into the microscopic pores, holidays, cracks, and defects of a painted surface performing a chemical bond to enhance, improve, and recover original color and gloss. Nano-Clear will greatly improve hardness, extend the resistance to moisture and water permeation, provide a long-term impact in the prevention of coating deterioration, have a positive effect on life cycle management and performance, and add a higher resale value to assets.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 8 in

1 US Gallon


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