ReVive removes mold, mildew and atmospheric staining and soiling from all types of stone, concrete and brick masonry. This highly efficient alternative to aggressive masonry cleaners can also be applied to non-masonry substrates such as wood, painted surfaces, metal, plastic and glass.



Sure Klean® ReVeal is a restoration cleaner designed to remove stubborn atmospheric and carbon staining on masonry and stone. It reveals the intended appearance of buildings soiled by decades of auto exhaust and other air pollutants. This highly efficient liquid restoration cleaner is suitable for a wide variety of stone and masonry, including unpolished limestone and marble. ReVeal also removes soiling and hard-to-remove deposits on window glass, including white scum. Unlike many conventional restoration cleaners, low-odor, non-fuming ReVeal is safe for use around most architectural metal.


• Fast and effective on most masonry surfaces.

• Safe for unpolished limestone, marble & travertine.

• Safer and less corrosive than conventional restoration cleaners based on hydrofluoric acid or ammonium bi-fluoride.

• Restores clarity of most common flush window glass streaked and damaged by pollution and water rundown from adjacent building materials. Always test to ensure desired results.

• Low-odor, non-fuming formulation.

• Removes rust stains and red clay stains from brick.

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