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PROSOCO Sure Klean and EnviroKlean products are designed to safely clean the very dirtiest of building exteriors — whether it’s built with limestone, granite, brick, sandstone, terra cotta, cast stone or concrete.

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Masonry Stain ID Guide


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Masonry’s longevity and beauty make it one of the world’s most widely used building materials. Unfortunately, masonry structures, new and old, are subjected to stains. Beyond their unsightly appearance, stains can also indicate larger issues lurking below the surface.

Often, well-intended stewards will try to clean these stains and accidentally cause more harm by using the wrong product for the substrate and the stain.

The sheer number of combinations between substrate and stain is the reason why PROSOCO has custom-formulated so many different products to remove stains. Factor in external circumstances like weather, adjacent building materials, and architectural styles, and it’s no wonder how easy it can be to get stain removal wrong.



Where water goes, living organisms like lichen, algae and other types of biological growth follow. Moss signals and supports high moisture levels, which may damage masonry. Some lichen and bacteria can cause deterioration and algae provide nutrients for other biological growth. PROSOCO’s cleaners of biological growth are favored by some of the most respected conservators and historic preservationists for their ease of use and effectiveness. Test ReKlaim, which effectively removes light-to-severe staining without damage to the surface or the environment caused by more conventional cleaning methods.


Whether you live in a big city with lots of vehicular traffic or a small town with hardly any, atmospheric staining can tarnish the appearance of a beautiful masonry building. The effect of carbon and other environmental pollutants on a building exterior is often not fully realized until the first test panel reveals a building’s original intended appearance. PROSOCO’s array of cleaners for atmospheric stains have been trusted to help restore the original beauty of thousands of buildings across North America. Test ReVeal to return masonry with atmospheric staining to its original beauty. This terra cotta building was cleaned with ReVeal, but PROSOCO has a suite of restoration products for your specific substrates and stains.


The result of soluble salts that already exist in the masonry coming into contact with water, acid or solvents, that then migrate to the surface of a masonry material through its pores. Other causes of the appearance of efflorescence include de-icing salts, sea air and water, and rising damp. A good way to tell whether you have efflorescence is to splash a little water on it. If it disappears, then it is efflorescence. For most masonry surfaces, test Light Duty Concrete Cleaner.





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